We are pleased to have hired these people and to have established the Glass department within VCL. The success in the first months show the great potential in this market.
I am looking forward with the new team and the goals we will archieve together in the future.

Mario KratzMananging Director & Member of the Board

During the first steps in the glass industry VCL informed several clients all over the world, that VCL supplies equipment and spare parts (even for existing equipment) for the glass Industry. The first inquiries immediately followed, which led to the first orders right away.​​

After VCLs official Glass division lounge in July 2020, VCL can archive several orders for:

  1. Spare Parts of already existing equipment of competitors (lehr roller drive systems, reversing valves, furnace pressure control dampers, flue gas balance damper and batch chargers)
  2. Modification of equipment from competitors (combustion air supply systems, flue gas shut-off dampers, batch chargers)
  3. Site service jobs for the hallow and float glass industry

Furthermore, several ongoing quotations are in negotiation phase and we are positive for their outcome with VCL.

Louisa Bock

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