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Valves for delayed coking

Automatic bottom unheading valves

In the field of Delayed Coking process, VCL offers Automatic Bottom Unheading Valves tailored to your needs. Given the innovative design features, a patent application was introduced by VCL.

The unique VCL design combines the tightness of the classical Double Disc design and the low weight and small footprint of the classical single gate design.

The VCL Plate-Disc-Combination design with an external, active sealing force applied to the floating lower valve-body seat together with a circular shaped lower disc, guided by spherical caps, combines the advantages of the single-plate design with those of the double-disc design.

Subsequently, it offers an important innovation to the industry eliminating the disadvantages of competing classical concepts.

The new VCL sealing is a “floating” system, which is unaffected by any deformations caused by thermal stress or pressure issues.

The valves are available with different actuator systems, with hydraulic power and control units as well as with steam purge systems.

Key features

  • Small footprint, light weight
  • Special disc / gate design in combination with active, mechanical sealing force provides
  • positive, tight shut-off when shut
  • True Double Block and Purge performance within one valve body
  • Open throughway without flow restrictions in open position
  • Valve design according to customer demands and licensors/customers specifications
  • Electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic options available for valve actuation
  • On/off as well as modulating service possible
  • VCL provides system package comprising Valves, Actuators, Hydraulic Power Station, Hydraulic manifolds, Steam Purge Systems and PLC control system out of one hand

Typical Figures

  • typical size 60” (1500 mm)
  • outside dimensions: 9,500 × 2,900 × 950 mm
  • weight: approx. 38,000 kg
  • operating temperature up to 550° C
  • operating pressure up to 10 bar(g)
  • actuation: hydraulic or electric

Other sizes, design features and / or operating features are available on request.

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