Luxembourg, August 2020

Recently, VCL announced the establishment of the third business division. Beside the IRON&STEEL as well as the OIL&GAS Division, VCL enlarged its product portfolio of valves and equipment for the GLASS industry.

All customer of the different industries require the service support of specialist from time to time. Experts support the local teams on site in case of need during erection and maintenance.

To cover this need, Paul Wurth has agreed to transfer a site service specialist to the Team of VCL. This senior specialist, with more than 35 years of experience in valve business worldwide, will coordinate and handle all valve related jobs of our 3 business divisions supported by SAB experts.

We welcome our new expert and are looking forward to provide highest customer satisfaction with our comprehensive VCL team structure.


VCL Mgmt Team

Louisa Bock

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